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Local contractors help business owner realize upscale, luxury shopping destination in the heart of St. Michaels.
ST.MICHAELS, Md. (July 29, 2019) – DBS Fine Jewelers, a fixture of the St. Michaels retail community for over 30 years, has moved to a new location. The renovated showroom is located at 308 S Talbot Street, next to St. Luke’s church.
Founder and owner Aida Leisure’s decision to relocate was largely based on the building’s proximity to more of St. Michaels’ fine dining establishments. She anticipates the centrally located storefront will provide greater visibility and foot traffic, facilitating growth to her customer base.
Renovations began at the end of January, and were overseen by Kenneth Healy. Major projects included construction of a wall to create an office and storage area, installing carpet over the existing tile floor, floor to ceiling paint, and electrical work. Friends and family were an integral part of the revitalization process, dedicating hours of volunteer time. Some traveled from as far as Michigan to help complete the job.
Whenever possible, local businesses and craftspeople were employed. DBS’ original handmade oak display cases were refinished in matte black by local painter Greg Phillips. An existing storage cabinet was updated and enhanced with the addition of a live-edge top by local craftsmen McMartin & Beggins. Carpet and window treatments were purchased through Higgins and Spencer, and custom signage was produced by Shore Sign Company.
The chic space boasts high ceilings and a spacious, gallery-like feel. An abundance of natural light, in combination with all new, high spectrum LED lighting from Eastern Lighting, is ideal for presenting the luxury jewelry DBS is known for.

Large front windows accommodate six custom-made display cases mounted atop polished black quartz by Solid Tops. Dichroic glass pendant lights illuminate the cases, which highlight new and important pieces.

When it came to interior design, Leisure relied on design coordinator Jacqueline Polland. “I envisioned the finished space to convey an elevated feel that better compliments the fine jewelry that we carry. Jackie helped us achieve that”.
Leisure procured several art pieces for the contemporary space while attending the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show earlier in the year, including a large framed print by contemporary oil painter Angie Crabtree. Known for her magnified portraits of real gemstones, Angie’s round brilliant diamond greets customers at the front of the store.
Opposite the entry is a striking royal blue statement wall which draws the eye into the store. Leisure chose to feature a large macro photograph of an opal printed on metal by artist Mike Woodward.
Plush velvet chairs, tropical plants, and an impressive side table made from a single, massive geode provide texture and depth to the decor.
“The response we’ve received from customers has been nothing but positive, “ Leisure says. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue providing award-winning fine jewelry by world-renowned designers to our community and visitors.”
DBS Fine Jewelers offers hand-selected fine jewelry from nationally and internationally recognized designers. Discover one-of-a-kind, wedding, and classic styles, including collectible ancient coins and hand-fabricated knives. Custom design fabrication, jewelry repair, and professional jewelry appraisal services available on-site. Appraisal consults are by appointment only. Browse select collections online at
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